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Stony Baskets

Jan 15, 2021

What's more stable, the US Government or Ben Simmons tenure as a Sixer? The Stony Baskets crew dive into the events in Washington DC, the Harden trade, and the Sixer's Covid outbreak.

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Jan 13, 2021

The Sixers are off to a hot start, and Stony Baskets are here for the burn. From jetpack gangs, to wheelie poppin' wolfmen, In season 2 episode 2, Mickey and Travis discuss the new play designs, Tobias Harris winning player of the week, and the anniversary of Dr. J's cradle dunk. 

Now available on vinyl. Stony Baskets...

Jan 2, 2021

The NBA is back, and so is Stony Baskets! On the first episode of season 2, hosts Mickey and Travis discuss aliens and the start of the 76ers season. They also bring on their friend Damian Taylor of the band (the sounds of) kaleidoscope, to discuss the prevalence of weed in sports, and (the sounds of) kaleidoscope, the...